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Toilet tops

Full Access ComposterWe've been experimenting with the use of Corian (better known as a kitchen worktop material) for our toilet tops. The one shown left is on a Full Access Composting toilet. We first trialled this material for the Zero Discharge (ZD) toilets supplied to The Royal Parks in 2014. One would normally expect toilet seats with lids and hinges to be replaced at least once a year in public facilities. The toilets in Richmond Park have now been in use for 8 years and have been used by hundreds of thousands of visitors but have not yet needed resurfacing; a simple 15 min job which involves rubbing back with very fine emery paper.

The narrow opening was also an experiment at Richmond Park and after 8 years can be considered highly successful. It reduces light transmission down the pedestal, regulates ventilation airflow, and is very safe for young children. It is now standard on ZD pedestals. Go to: Zero Discharge.

So, following on from the success of Corian for ZD toilet pedestals we decided to try using it on our best selling toilet, the Full Access Composter (FAC) seen above.

Our toilets tops for the FAC have been lacquered birch ply with a conventional plastic toilet seat and lid on top. Good quality Forest Stewardship Council certified birch ply is becoming very difficult to get and, for obvious reasons, we have not been buying material sourced from Russia since March 22. The plastic toilet seats have also become difficult to obtain, due either to Brexit or Covid; we are not sure which. So we are promoting Corian for these pedestals too. It costs us a little more but we are absorbing that for the time being and we hope that it will quickly be accepted for its hygienic finish and streamlined appearance.

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The ZD2 gets out and about.

Zero Discharge toilets at a sculpture parkA couple of years ago the Zero Discharge toilet split into two types; the ZD1 and the ZD2.

The ZD1 is for large facilities where there are likely to be a number of cubicles. Usually, an architect designs the building. NatSol has supplied ZD1s for public parks such as Richmond Park in London and the Lake District National Park.

ZD2s are for single or perhaps double cubicles in remote locations. The two shown above are on a sculpture park in Dorset. The client arranged the building design, manufacture and supply.

ZD2s are emptied by removing the pedestal, ventilation is likely to be passive. ZD1s have a row of emptying hatches to the rear of the building and ventilation is likely to be fan driven. A vacuum sludge tanker is required to empty both types. For more information go to: Zero Discharge.

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Price increases

The NatSol mono-pitch timber buildingDue principally to increasing prices in raw materials we need to increase some of our product prices during 2022. The Full Access Composter and the Compact toilets will rise by approx 5% from 1st July. If we quoted you after 1st May and you order within 3 months of the quotation date then we will try to hold the price for you.

Timber prices are going through the roof at the moment and this is affecting the price of our timber buildings. These increases seem to be due to Brevid, or Coxit – take your pick. We are not actually certain whether it’s mainly Brexit or mainly Covid but we do know that there is a slow down in timber imports and that this is putting pressure on home grown timbers. Prices are rising by anything between about 30 and 100%. Home grown Western Red Cedar, a naturally durable timber which we have used for cladding boards on our timber buildings, has become scarce.

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Zero Discharge Bargain

Zero Discharge toilet tanksWe have a large one of these tanks which we would like to clear. It's half as tall again as the one shown here and of a size we no longer make. It's for the Zero Discharge toilet and will take around 11,000 toilet uses before it needs to be pumped out.

All the other components you need will be supplied with it and the whole package is available for £3000 + VAT and delivery (you install). This is less than the cost of our current ZD model utilising the tank shown here which is listed at £3550 + VAT and delivery, installation not included.

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Cwm Carn Forest Drive

One of 8 Zero Discharge Toilets supplied to Natural Resouces Wales for a forest site  A recently completed stand alone Zero Discharge toilet. This is one of eight supplied to Natural Resources Wales for Cwm Carn Forest Drive. The toilet is passively ventilated and needs to be pumped out after about 7000 uses.

NatSol supplied the toilet components and the buildings. These are clad in Western Red Cedar grown in Wales. The cubicle is wheelchair accessible.

Our buildings and all bespoke metal components are made in Llanidloes, Mid Wales and our GRC toilet components are made in Shropshire.


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Stand alone Zero Discharge toilets

Two Zero Discharge toilets supplied with NatSol full access buildings for a Scottish BeachWe can now supply the Zero Discharge toilet with a NatSol Full Access building for remote sites. These two are on a coastal site.

They are not composting and have a very low maintenance requirement. The toilets are waterless and each one will take about 8000 to 10,000 uses before it is pumped out by a vacuum sludge tanker. Ventilation is passive and no mains services are required.

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Dark sky compost toilet

Dark sky toilet in the Elan ValleyWe recently supplied a Full Access Composter for the Dark Sky Discovery Site in the Elan Valley. Stargazers now have a toilet facility to use during the night.

The photograph shows the installation of the toilet vaults nearing completion. The clients constructed their own building.

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Zero Discharge toilets help protect England’s cleanest lake

Wasdale Lakehead ToiletsIn an earlier news item we spoke about our involvement in a project to supply waterless toilets for National Trust sites in Wasdale. Wastwater is a SSSI and the National Trust needed a system which would not discharge anything to ground.

The toilets are now up and running and visitors are returning to the Lake District as Covid-19 restrictions are eased.

Architects: Crosby Granger.  More information can be found at: Amenities

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Toilets for penguin site in the Falkland Islands

Toilet facility with NatSol Zero Discharge toilets on the Falkland IslandsAlmost all our work is in the UK and Ireland but we were asked if we could assist with waterless toilets for a site in the South Atlantic. The building was designed by One Creative Environments Ltd.

The toilets are our Zero Discharge model, also supplied to Richmond Park in London and currently being installed for a National Trust site in the Lake District.

Go to Amenity Sites for an internal view.

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