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Compost Toilets for Allotments

Our Full Access compost toilet is serving allotment sites with up to 250 plots. You could situate it in an area with raised beds for disabled users. Also great for community orchards.

Some examples of NatSol allotment and garden toilets:-

Another accessible allotment toilet in Essex

Toilet opening ceremony at Runwell allotments, Essex
Site: Runwell Allotments
Location: Runwell, Essex
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Timber/Full Access
Description: The picture shows the opening celebrations for this NatSol toilet on a large allotment site on the edge of Runwell.
Installed date: November 2014
"NatSol, who supplied the toilet, were also very helpful all the way through." LP

Our best selling waterless toilet

Grow 73 composting toilet
Site: Grow 73
Location: Rutherglen
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: Our twin vault, urine separating composter in a secure metal building. The client constructed landing area makes an attractive approach.
Installed date: August 2021
Quote: "The compost toilet is just such an asset to our project. Thank you for all your support through the process and for being so patient with us. We would highly recommend your product to other groups if this helps." EA
Link: Grow 73

Almost there.............

Bearwood Road Allotments
Site: Bearwood Road Allotments
Location: Smethwick
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: The picture shows the toilet installed but awaiting the construction of an approach path. The pipe taking urine to a soakaway can be seen down the right hand side.
Installed date: March 2018

Bowring Park Allotments, Liverpool

Bowring Park Allotment toilet
Site: Bowring Park
Location: Huyton, Liverpool
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: An accessible toilet on a 50 plot allotment site with high ground water. The ramp and railings were installed by the client's contractor.
Installed date: April 2017

A turf roofed compost toilet for a public garden

Full access comost toilet at Old Durham Gardens
Site: Old Durham Gardens
Location: Brandon Village, Durham
Building/Toilet Type: Natsol Bespoke/Full Access
Description: This waterless, passively vented toilet is situated just outside a walled garden. We supplied a timber building with roof suitable for turf which was added on site.
Installed date: February 2016

Accessible toilet at Leabrook Allotments, Derbyshire

Leabrook allotment toilet
Site: Leabrook Allotments, Alfreton
Location: Alfreton, Derbyshire
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: An accessible waterless toilet with NatSol metal building on a site with 80 to 100 plots.
Installed date: October 2013

Thatched compost toilet in County Durham

Thatched dry toilet privy
Site: Organic Farm Shop
Location: Castle Barnard
Building/Toilet Type: Customer Designed/Full Access
Description: We provided the components for a twin vault, urine separating toilet for this organic farm shop. The owners designed and constructed this fabulous thatched enclosure.
Installed date: August 2011

Timber allotment compost toilet in Wiltshire

Timber compost toilet on allotment
Site: Gloucester Road Allotments
Location: Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Timber/Full Access
Description: A full access toilet with timber building.
Installed date: July 2011
"It was a pleasure to put the unit together, the instructions were great and easy to follow. EN (the client) is over the moon with the toilet and with the disabled allotment area - they compliment each other very well. He is planning a grand opening for the disabled allotment area in early September." JR - Custom Made Cabins - the contractor.
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