In most months we have news worthy of posting but we don’t always get around to putting it up – as you can readily see by viewing the dates below!

If you know something about a NatSol toilet which seems worthy of a post on this page please let us know.

June 2016

Call of Nature

Call of Nature

Open Air magazine published an article, Call of Nature, by Andrew Warren and Kate de Selincourt in their June 2016 edition. The magazine is sold to businesses carrying on outdoor activities such as glamping, outdoor events and al fresco weddings.

The article takes a broad look at waterless toilets and provides a checklist of things you should find out if you are thinking of buying one.

Visit the Open Air website here.

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Exclusive Golf Club

We are delighted to have supplied a remote waterless toilet for an exclusive golf club near Ascot. On a large course you can be some distance from the club house. Interrupting play to ‘pay a visit’ is almost certainly undesirable. Installing a NatSol composting toilet by the ninth hole could be the solution you were looking for. No water, no power, no freezing risk, no odours, low maintenance and very low running costs.

Swinley Forest Golf Club

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