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Our wheelchair accessible waterless and composting toilets provide an outdoor toilet solution ideal for allotments, nature reserves, parks, churches, glamping & camping sites, golf courses, gardens and all sites without mains services. We provide guidance as to which model will best suit your application. We have designs for low, and very high use situations.  See Products and view particular sites under Examples.

Our stainless steel pedestals and glass reinforced concrete in-ground chambers are designed for long life and low maintenance.

The vast majority of these odourless toilets require no mains services of any description. With no water; no power; no smell; no freezing risk and no chemicals, NatSol outdoor composting toilets are widely regarded as the best composting and waterless toilets available. Watch our 5 minute video.

We recently took on AirFlushTM Urinals from the Green Building Store. See AirFlush.

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Loo of the Year Award 2017

Loo of the Year 2023 Platinum AwardNatSol has won a Platinum Award again in 2023 in respect of toilets at Cwm Carn Forest Drive - the first year since 2016 in which the company has entered.

The Specialists

NatSol was founded in 2005 by Andy Warren and Nick Grant. Both were unhappy with available products. In setting up NatSol they used their 40 years of combined experience of dry toilets to develop and manufacture products which meet, or exceed, the hygiene and odour standards expected of flushed toilets. You can read customer testimonials and NatSol composting toilet reviews here.

NatSol Toilets are made in the UK and designed to function well in the British climate.

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Why Use NatSol?

Waterless toilets for almost any location

Our reputation was built on our fully accessible twin vault composting toilet. We call this the Full Access Composter, or FAC for short. It has been very popular for allotment sites, churches, community orchards, glamping sites, nature reserves, and many other low to medium use sites.


Need a toilet for a busy public site?

Our Zero Discharge toilet is ideal for high use situations or where no discharge of urine to ground is permitted. It is waterless and each one will take around 6000 to 7000 uses before emptying by vacuum sludge tanker. It utilises a stainless steel Teflon coated pedestal. Ventilation may be passive or fan driven depending on circumstances.

We now also sell AirFlushTM urinals. The best waterless urinal design available.

Need a smaller eco toilet?

Our Compact compost toilet is ideal for lower use situations and is a very good alternative to a  chemical toilet or Porta Potty type toilet. The Compact utilises the same high quality urine-separating pedestal as the FAC but has a removable container that is emptied into a separate outdoor composter. The Compact is particularly suitable for private installations such as holiday homes, shepherds’ huts and garden studios.

Odour Control

We believe that correctly designed and operated waterless and composting toilets should smell far less than conventional toilets in use - if at all. We achieve this without the use of a fan on almost all sites. This means higher reliability and no electrician required for installation. The waterless AirFlush urinal is also vented and avoids the use of a troublesome trap or urinal blocks.

In addition to many local authorities, community groups and private individuals our clients include....

Toilet Buildings

You can be as simple or as bold as you like with the toilet building. From our standard functional buildings, built with accessibility in mind, to architect designed buildings to give you the exact look you're after, to house your outdoor waterless toilet.

Take a look at some of our examples below.

We have a range of functional standard buildings which are designed to blend in on allotments and many other sites. All our buildings are generously sized and wheelchair accessible. If you want something different then we can provide custom timber buildings, either fully finished or for completing on-site with the cladding and roofing of your choice. Of course you can design and build your own.

If one of our buildings won't do the trick then we can supply the complete toilet without a building. The chamber forms the floor and foundations so you just add the walls and roof. Drawings and a Sketchup™ model are available to download. Go to Other Building Options. Please discuss your ideas with us to ensure that loadings are acceptable and that wheelchair accessibility will be maintained.

We are happy to work with architects and engineers as part of a team on larger projects. We supply the toilet tanks and pedestals and design and commission the ventilation system.

Latest News

I would have no hesitation in recommending your excellent product to anyone you care to refer.

Over Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Association, Winsford

I have been extremely impressed with NatSol on the telephone and with the quality of the materials and instructions provided – they are amongst the best I have used. I would not hesitate to recommend both you and your products.

Gaia Trust

Just a quick note to say how well the new loo is looking and working here at Felin Uchaf. It’s been in regular good use by visiting schools, community groups and many volunteers for over a year now.

Menter y Felin Uchaf

Our composting toilet is absolutely fantastic and now doubles up as my garden shed! The installation was well co-ordinated and professional and the toilet was ready to use immediately. Thanks for making our dreams a reality.


Thank you for all of your help enabling us to install the compost toilet, I have attached the photos for you showing how we have installed it. I would just like to say that the installation process was made straight forward thanks to everything being labelled.

Tilling Drive Allotments
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