Comparison Checklist

Compare our composting toilets with the competition below. You can also download and print a version of this table which has more columns and use it as a checklist to compare different makes and models.
You can download in PDF or Excel formats.

Question NatSol Other
1 Is the toilet guaranteed to be odour free in normal operation? Yes ?
2 Is a male urinal provided to ensure greater hygiene for all users? Yes ?
3 Is a vandal resistant building available? Yes ?
4 Can the system be installed in a day by an experienced installation team on a typical site? Yes ?
5 Can it be installed in all soil types - except bedrock? Yes ?
6 Can the toilet be installed entirely by hand without machinery? No ?
7 Does the toilet have full access for wheelchair users and without extensive ramps? Yes ?
8 Is the pedestal designed to minimise fouling during normal use? Yes ?
9 Is it necessary to add anything to the vaults to promote composting? Yes ?
10 Is the toilet system susceptible to mechanical or electrical breakdown? No ?
11 Can ventilation be achieved without the need for electricity? Yes ?
12 Is urine separated or drained to avoid the need for evaporation? Yes ?
13 Is liquid (urine) drained at a high level to avoid the need for pumping on flat sites? Yes ?
14 Is the system design to cope with high peak use? Yes ?
15 Does it matter if the toilet is not used for lengthy periods? No ?
16 Is composted material kept separate from fresh faeces? Yes ?
17 Is the compost unpleasant to remove? No ?
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