NatSol waterless toilet range

NatSol composting and waterless toilets are ideally suited to a wide range of applications from garden offices and studios to campsites, busy allotments and public parks. We supply them for remote islands, nature reserves, forestry sites, churches and other sites without mains services.

NatSol offers three waterless toilet systems and a range of building options. We will assist you in deciding on the right model for your site.


The Full Access Composter

Hollow Ash Shepherds huts glamping toiletWith over 500 installations the Full Access Composter is the first choice for allotments, churches, golf courses and many other sites with similar levels of use. It is wheelchair accessible and does not need any connections to mains services. There is no freezing risk.

The toilet has a high quality stainless steel pedestal and robust glass reinforced concrete underground chambers.

Urine is diverted to a small soak-away. The toilet has two large chambers producing well rotted compost on an annual cycle.

We have a range of buildings available for this model of toilet. Go to the Full Access Composter page or follow the links on the right.

More info on the Full Access Composter.


The Compact Toilet

A beach hut toilet and shower cubicleFor lower use applications we developed the Compact. This uses the same high quality stainless steel urine diverting pedestal as the Full Access but has a receptacle below floor level for solids, These are removed weekly or monthly depending on level of use and composted in an outdoor composter.

A vent pipe ensures odour free operation,

It is ideal for a summerhouse or garden studio too remote from the house to connect to mains sewage and it doesn't have a freezing risk.

We do not usually supply buildings for this toilet.

More info on the Compact.


Zero Discharge Public Toilet

ZD pedestalFor high use sites we developed the Zero Discharge toilet which was first installed at Richmond Park in London in 2014 and won the Eco Toilets category of the Loo of the Year awards in 2016.

This model is infrequently emptied by tanker. It could also be very useful on low use sites where a urine discharge isn't permitted, or on sites where a very low maintenance profile is essential. This toilet doesn't compost the solid wastes and tanker access will be required.

More info on the Zero Discharge.



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