If you have a large garden or a smallholding then an outside toilet will eliminate muddy footprints in the house. It will keep working all year too as waterless toilets cannot freeze in winter. Perhaps you have a remote building like a beach hut or woodland cabin that needs sanitation.

Some examples of NatSol toilets on private sites:-

Scottish Bothy installs NatSol Compact toilet

Nether Glenny Bothy uses NatSol Compact toilet
Site:Nether Glenny Bothy
Location:Port of Monleith, Stirling
Building/Toilet Type:Compact
Description:This bothy which is let out to visitors has a NatSol Compact toilet installed at the rear.
Installed date: September 2018

Compact toilet for shepherd's hut

NatSol Compact toilet in shepherd's hut.
Site:Private garden, Andover
Location:Andover, Hants, UK
Building/Toilet Type:Compact
Description:A very tasty shepherd's hut built by the owner. It contains a NatSol Compact toilet, urinal and basin.
Installed date: May 2018

Director's toilet

Garden toilet
Site:Private garden of NatSol director, Nick Grant.
Location:Orcop, Herefordshire
Building/Toilet Type:Compact
Description:The NatSol Compact toilet was developed for fairly low use sites such as private gardens. This one is installed in a prototype NatSol hut designed for production and ease of dispatch as a flat pack building.
Installed date: April 2018

Beach Hut Compact Toilet

A beach hut toilet and shower cubicle
Building/Toilet Type:Compact
Description:A private beach hut. The cubicle doubles as a shower cubicle.
Installed date: June 2014

A composting toilet for a smallholding in Wales

Exterior of compost toilet timber building in Llandinam, Wales
Site:Brook House
Building/Toilet Type:Standard Timber/Full Access
Description:Sneaked into a hedge line between trees it looks just like a garden shed and will, no doubt, be used as one from time to time.
Installed date: November 2011
"Our composting toilet is absolutely fantastic and now doubles up as my garden shed! The installation was well co-ordinated and professional and the toilet was ready to use immediately. Thanks for making our dreams a reality." SR