Full Access Composter

Instructions for management. The booklet contains a troubleshooting guide.

The principle differences between the Mk 2 and Mk 3 are that the Mk 2 has a grey or white fibre-glass pedestal and galvanised floor hatches. The Mk 3 has a stainless steel pedestal and the two front floor hatches are made from the same material as the floor. If your toilet fell into disuse some time ago then please read the Toilet Rescue document.


We now supply a logbook in which to record your management actions. This is available to all existing owners and it must be adopted if we are to continue to give support with management issues. The links below will give you an impression of how the logbook is laid out. Please contact us to receive your free hard copy.


NatSol can carry out servicing of your toilet, but it isn’t cheap. We don’t have a service team on the road because we receive very few requests for servicing. As a consequence, a service is likely to involve staff coming out to just your toilet. And we would always come in twos for health and safety reasons. Assuming a 200 mile trip each way and an overnight stay, a service visit is likely to cost around £1000 + VAT, plus the cost of any parts. It could be significantly less if the round trip can be done comfortably in a day.

In addition to the cost factor we have a policy of keeping our carbon emissions low. If a client can be guided through emails and telephone calls to fix their own loo (or if a local contractor could be guided on how to do that) then we would rather go down that route.

However, once or twice a year it is useful for us to service a composting toilet for training purposes. We are happy to do those training visits at a lower cost and you might just be the lucky ones! However, the timing of the visit might not suit your needs. There’s no harm in asking……


Photo strip showing different natsol compost toilet installations

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