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Based in Mid Wales, NatSol Ltd was started by Andy Warren and Nick Grant in 2005 following many years combined experience of designing and installing composting toilets. They met at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales with which they have long established links.

NatSol is committed to appropriate solutions and we will not knowingly sell you a product unless we believe that it is the best solution for your situation based on the available information.

It probably won't surprise you that we think our products make a significant contribution to water conservation and pollution reduction. Read more about our green credentials below.

The NatSol Team.........

NatSol staff photo

Andy Warren - Managing Director

Andy Warren

Andy was one of the two founder directors of NatSol back in 2005. He has a first in Physics from Imperial College and has worked in ecological design and construction since the late eighties. This has included advising on energy conservation, with a particular interest in energy efficient refurbishment. He has been designing, building and using compost toilets since 1993. NatSol evolved from this work. His innovative urine separation system was a major advance that solves a number of problems with other urine separating approaches. Andy brings his scientific training and interest to the biology and ecology of composting. He is also a qualified psychotherapist with a private practice..

Ellen Hughes - Director & General Manager

Ellen HughesEllen became a director of NatSol at the start of 2023 after a number of years as General Manager. She is responsible for NatSol's day to day administration which includes handling enquiries, setting up contracts, managing production, and stock control. She has been on site work and is quite familiar with the whole process from manufacture through installation to after sales support. Having her on the board of directors is of great benefit to the company.

Nick Grant - Technical Consultant

Nick Grant - Technical director

Nick was a founder director of NatSol but retired from this position at the end of 2020 to concentrate on Elemental Solutions, his consultancy specialising in sustainable building and water management. He is Technical Director of the Passivhaus Trust. Trained as a design engineer, Nick has been interested in compost toilets since the early 80s. When he built his home around a waterless toilet adjoining the kitchen he had to be able to guarantee no odour or flies! He brings this knowledge and his eco-minimal approach to product design to NatSol and is proud to have helped create what he believes is an excellent product range.

Kitty Gordon - Admin assistance

Kitty is the newest member of the team and is training up to support Ellen. She has a background working as a P/A for travel companies.

Andrew Capel - IT systems developer

Andrew Capel - IT Systems DeveloperAndrew is one of our IT people. He created and looks after the database and the links between that and other parts of our IT system such as stock control.

He is a keen Welsh learner and organises Clwb Siarad, the Friday evening conversation group in Llanidloes. Andy Warren is also a Welsh learner and we do manage a bit of Welsh in the office from time to time!

David Eger aka Cornelius - Small components manufacture

Cornelius - Small components manufactureFrom time to time Cornelius assists with production of small components in our own workshop. These include stainless steel pedestals and plastic items. He is seen here fitting wastes into urinals. Best known locally as a superb musician with a vast repertoire of traditional music. Also a Welsh learner.

And the people who make the big stuff.........

We make the small items like pedestals and soak boxes in-house but the bigger stuff is made by other companies in Mid Wales and Shropshire:

Metal Production

For many years our metal stuff was made by Chameleon Engineering - and very good they were too. Sadly, Chameleon have now closed and we are in transition to new manufacturers. We have every hope of this working out well. More news in a while.

Dennis Rich, General Manager of BCMGRC Ltd - GRC Production

Tanks at BCMGRCDennis is the General Manager of BCM-GRC which manufactures our Glass Reinforced Concrete components. These are central to the function of the Full Access and Zero Discharge toilets. Shown left is some NatSol stock in BCM's yard.


Graham Jones - M Jones & Sons - Timber building manufacturers

Graham Jones and Andy Warren

Graham Jones (shown left) owns the family firm of joiners and builders, M Jones & Sons. He is responsible for manufacturing our timber buildings for the Full Access model. Andy Warren (shown right) is the MD of NATSOL.


Our Green Credentials

  • Our products are designed for a long service life
  • We are a long time member of The Sustainable Building Association — AECB
  • We have donated a proportion of turnover to The Size of Wales project
  • Most of our packaging is re-used plastic and card. We also use some wood-shavings which can be added to the vault as soak material.
  • We have retrofitted high levels of insulation in our office
  • We buy our electricity from Good Energy which sells 100% renewable energy
  • Our computers are switched off at the socket overnight
  • We use FSC timber when available & consider all timber sourcing issues.

Thermal imaging used to identify air leaks in our insulated office
Thermal imaging used to identify air leaks below a desk in our well insulated office.

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