Price increases

The NatSol mono-pitch timber buildingDue principally to increasing prices in raw materials we need to increase some of our product prices this year. The Full Access Composter and the Compact toilets will rise by approx 5% from 1st July. If we quoted you after 1st May and you order within 3 months of the quotation date then we will try to hold the price for you.

Timber prices are going through the roof at the moment and this is affecting the price of our timber buildings. These increases seem to be due to Brevid, or Coxit – take your pick. We are not actually certain whether it’s mainly Brexit or mainly Covid but we do know that there is a slow down in timber imports and that this is putting pressure on home grown timbers. Prices are rising by anything between about 30 and 100%. Home grown Western Red Cedar, a naturally durable timber which we have used for cladding boards on our timber buildings, has become very scarce. For this reason we are thinking of switching to using Lawson Cypress which has quite a good reputation for durability. So there will be an increase in the price of our timber buildings quite soon but we haven’t yet pinned down how much. Sorry about this – watch for updates.