AirFlush Urinals

No tricky traps, no chemical blocks, and low on maintenance

There are many types of waterless urinal, all of them saving considerable amounts of water - an increasingly rare resource.

Some rely on oil filled traps, others on chemical blocks to disguise the smell of ammonia coming from the breakdown of urine.

What if you had a urinal which was simply flushed with air? In the AirFlushTM design air is drawn down the pipework by a low powered fan thereby preventing odours from coming out. Several urinals can be run off one fan operating at just a few Watts. The running cost might be in the region of £10 to £15/yr at current electricity prices.

NatSol supplies the fan units, the low voltage DC power supplies, the urinals, in-line traps and the advice you need to install it all. Here's a schematic:

AirFlush Urinal schematic


Prices on application.


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