Mountain bikers, walkers, orienteers and foresters are some of the species found on forestry sites. They will all benefit from good toilet facilities.

Some examples of NatSol toilets on Forestry sites:-

Another forest site in Scotland

Aigas Community Forest toilet
Site: Aigas Community Forest
Location: Beauly, Inverness-shire
Building/Toilet Type:  A NatSol timber building housing our twin vault urine separating toilet.

Description: The project is shown nearing completion. Those shown include: Neil who was an instructor and examiner at the Scottish Forestry School for many years and is in charge of training, Bob who is one of the volunteers and a Director, Helge who is the Forest Manager, Jo who is a volunteer and director, and finally John.

Installed date: April 2022

Cwm Carn Forest Drive for Natural Resources Wales

One of 8 Zero Discharge Toilets supplied to Natural Resouces Wales for a forest site
Site: Cwm Forest Drive, SE Wales
Location: Cwm Carn, Newport
Building/Toilet Type:  The site has a total of eight NatSol timber buildings housing our Zero Discharge toilets.
Installed date: May 2021

A dry toilet for a remote site in Scotland

Architect designed dry toilet
Site: Salen Forest
Location: Acharacle
Building/Toilet Type: Customer Designed/Full Access
Description: The building was designed by Chris Morgan of Locate Architects and uses a standard NatSol base unit to form the foundations and floor.

The project is shown nearing completion. NatSol supplied vaults and other components.

Installed date: January 2007
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