Zero Discharge Type 2

NatSol does not usually carry out installation of its products. Instead we supply instructions and are keen to discuss the process with your contractor. Installation of ZD1s will be bespoke. Please contact us.

Installation of the ZD2 typically requires a 4 tonne machine, or larger, to carry out excavation and to lower the tank into the ground. Assembly of the vaults and building requires general building skills.

Off-loading NatSol Full Access toilet vaults from the delivery truck
Off-loading the Full Access tank from the delivery truck

We can offer supervision for an agreed fee should this be required. In most cases we hope to avoid supervision in order to minimise costs.

We are, of course, very concerned that work is carried out to a high standard by a competent builder who is familiar with all relevant health and safety procedures for the work involved and who will read our instructions and risk assessment thoroughly before the installation day.

We have a list of contractors who we believe to have carried out satisfactory installations. Prospective clients can obtain quotes from these contractors if they wish to. However, the inclusion of a contractor on this list does not constitute a recommendation and it must be understood that the contract for the construction work is between the client and the contractor.

Click to the contractor map where you can enter your postcode and identify any contractors in your area. Then link to the contractor list to obtain their contact details.

We try to ensure that instructions are sent out to contractors when the job is first discussed and we are happy to talk to them about these. A further set including SITE SPECIFIC VAULT INSTALLATION GUIDANCE is sent with the boxed components usually a week or two before the installation day. With reasonable notice we are usually available by phone to answer any questions that may arise on the day.

From an installation point of view this toilet is remarkably like our Full Access Composter (FAC) except that there is no urine soakaway. Our full access buildings are erected in the same way. However, the floor and pedestal are different and the lid of the tank is already bonded on. These differences make installation simpler than for the FAC.

A range of files relating to installation are available to download here:

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