NatSol waterless toilets are the ideal solution for providing accessible toilets for churches without mains drainage. Here you can see examples of church toilets demonstrating a range of solutions. For further information on the service we can provide for churches please go to our Churches page.

Some examples of NatSol church toilets:-

Waterless toilet for All Saints Church, Cadney

Toilet for All Saints Church, Cadney
Site:All Saints Church, Cadney
Location:Cadney, North Lincs
Building/Toilet Type:Standard Timber/Full Access
Description:NatSol can supply a range of timber buildings to fit in with existing built environments. This double pitched roof building is designed to go with our Full Access toilet. We supply the roof structure boarded with OSB. Clients then finish this in a style to fit in with the church buildings e.g. slates.
Installed date: December 2017

Accessible toilet for St Bartholomew's Church near Stroud

Compost toilet for St Bartholomew's Church
Site:St Bartholomew's Church
Location:Lynch, Stroud
Building/Toilet Type:Customer Designed/Full Access
Description:A wheelchair accessible toilet not requiring any mains services. The building was designed by an architect and is situated in the church grounds. It incorporates a garden store.
Installed date: September 2013
"By all means use the photos for publicity and we would be pleased to show the building to anyone interested. It has been a pleasure dealing with you." JY

A queue for the compost loo

A queue for the loo at All saints Church, Freethorpe, Norfolk
Site:All Saints Church, Freethorpe
Location:Freethorpe, Norwich, Norfolk
Building/Toilet Type:Standard Timber/Full Access
Description:We supplied this double pitched timber building to enclose the NatSol Full Access composting toilet within. The client clad the roof with cedar shingles.
Installed date: September 2018
"The toilet is a great deal more robust, spacious and well-appointed than most of (our users) were expecting. It has been a pleasure working with you and your company. I hope you continue to do well and I am happy to give you a good reference if anyone wants one."

Lean-to toilet building for church in Thirsk

Lean to toilet building for All Saints Church, Thirsk
Site:All Saints Church, Thirsk
Location:Pickhill, Thirsk, N Yorkshire
Building/Toilet Type:Natsol Bespoke/Full Access
Description:For this site we supplied a lean-to building for our popular Full Access toilet. This enabled our client to set the toilet against an existing out-building in the church grounds. The roof structure was supplied by NatSol and the roofing material was supplied by the customer to blend in with existing materials on the site. You can download information on this option below.
Installed date: September 2016

Two cubicle toilet building

Compost toilet for St Peter's Church, Radway
Site:St Peter's Church
Location:Radway, Warwickshire
Building/Toilet Type:Standard Timber/Full Access
Description:This two cubicle building is becoming a NatSol standard option. It has a full access cubicle on the left with outward opening door and a urinal area for men on the right with inward opening door. At St Peter's they are currently using the urinal area as a garden store!
Installed date: August 2015

Bespoke toilet facility for St Gregory's Church, Thetford

Opening of waterless toilet at St Gregory's, Thetford
Site:St Gregory's Church
Location:Thetford, Norfolk
Building/Toilet Type:Natsol Bespoke/Full Access
Description:A wheelchair accessible toilet not requiring any mains services. The bespoke building supplied by NatSol has a double pitched roof. NatSol supplies the roof structure and a membrane to provide immediate weather protection. The customer and their contractor supply the roof tiles or other roof finish and the rainwater goods to fit in with existing buildings on the site.
Installed date: April 2013

Another accessible church toilet in Wales

Abergynolwyn church compost toilet
Site:St David's Church
Location:Abergynolwyn, Wales
Building/Toilet Type:Customer Designed/Full Access
Description:A fully accessible toilet eco for a church in West Wales. This was incorporated into an existing stone outshot.
Installed date: September 2010