Zero Discharge

The waterless Zero Discharge toilet is suitable for busy public sites or where a discharge of urine to ground is not permitted.

Hetland Garden Centre pedestal

Unlike our other toilets this toilet is not urine separating and does not produce compost. Solids and liquids enter a storage tank and emptying is by slurry tanker from outside the building. Due to the lack of any flush water emptying is infrequent.

No 'soak' material is added to this toilet and maintenance requirements are very low.

Ventilation is achieved by the use of a passive duct and extraction cowl or by low power fan depending on the site. This results in a completely odour free cubicle under normal operating conditions.

The Zero Discharge toilet (ZD) now comes in two models: Types 1 & 2.

Schematic for Type 1

Zero Discharge Schematic


  • Below floor 3m3 storage tank
  • Stainless steel pedestal with Teflon coating to inner surface
  • Extraction cowl or fan unit and power supply as required
  • External airtight emptying hatch
  • Cubicle connection point for urinals and waste water from basins

Optional extras

  • Gel dispensers
  • Ceramic water-less urinal
  • Grab rails
  • Vent pipes

The Type 1 is typically installed in large facilities with a number of cubicles side by side. The building is likely to be architect designed. We would normally be involved as part of a design team to advise on how to relate the building to the tanks and ventilation system.

Emptying of the tanks takes place at the rear of the building through an emptying hatch.

For examples go to Amenity Sites.   You can download a Case Study.

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Stand alone Type 2 ZDs

These are for sites remote from mains services where a single, or possibly two, toilets are required. The tank is very similar in general appearance to the Full Access Composter but arrives with the lid/floor fully fitted. There is no urine soakaway.

The buildings we manufacture for our Full Access Composter can be used for this model.

Please ask us for installation guidance and operating manuals.

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