Building Control & Environment Agency

Your local Building Control Department can be consulted about the discharge of urine from our urine separating toilets to the ground. They may ask you to consult with the Environment Agency (England and Wales) or the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

As a general rule the urine soakaway should not be closer than 10m from a watercourse or 50m from a well or borehole. It is important to stress that there is no flush water and that volumes of discharge are small. For instance, a toilet visited by 50 people a day is likely to discharge only 15 litres of urine daily. The EA have bought our toilets and we have been in discussion with them about simplifying the rules for urine discharges from compost toilets.

Building Control may also wish to check the layout of the cubicle for disabled access and any ramps you construct. They may inquire about hand cleansing. They may also wish to know how the system works. We are happy to discuss such issues with them at your request.

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