Golf course examples

Our self contained waterless toilets are ideal for the ninth hole. Odourless, spacious and easy to maintain they need no electricity, water or drainage connection. Perfect for the more remote parts of the larger course.

Golf course toilet







Architect designed golf club toilet

Green roofed toilet on golf course.
Site:Mortonhall Golf Club
Building/Toilet Type:Customer Designed/Full Access
Description:A Full Access toilet with green roofed timber building designed by DRD Architects Ltd.
Installed date: February 2017

Waterless toilet for golf course in Guildford

Bramley Golf Course Toilet
Site:Bramley Golf Club
Location:Guildford, Surrey
Building/Toilet Type:Standard Timber/Full Access
Description:A Full Access toilet on a remote part of the course. NatSol provided the timber building and all fixtures and fittings.
Installed date: July 2017

Full access twin vault composter for exclusive golf course

Exclusive Golf Club near Ascot
Site:Golf Club
Location:Ascot, Berkshire
Building/Toilet Type:Standard Timber/Full Access
Description:Our standard full access composter installed in woodland near a car park on this site.
Installed date: May 2016