We have a range of spares for our products. Almost any component can be replaced but the list below consists of those items most likely to need replacement. Some are suitable for more than one toilet type and are listed under General. Others are listed under the one product which they relate to as follows: .

Prices include VAT and carriage is calculated based on selections.

For POA items please call us on 01686 412653 or send an email and we will provide a cost for you to enter. If you have any questions: 

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Getting replacement toilets seats of the type we used to supply has been tricky since Brexit/Covid but we'll see what we can do. Please let us know the colour you require.
No standing and peeing sign. Can go on the underside of the toilet lid or if you have a Corian toilet top (and no lid) it could go on the front of the soak box.
This is the removeable short plate which hangs inside our urine separating pedestals. If you have an early GRP pedestal you will need a hanger. Please call us to discuss type – see below. It can be useful to have a spare plate so that you can remove and fit at the same time and then leave the one you removed soaking in disinfectant.
This is the hanger. Please call us to discuss type.
A longer life cowl. Essential on sites close to the sea and best on ZD2 toilets. A galvanised one is also available - see below under FAC.
If your cover hasn't been removed regularly for servicing then the screws may have corroded. They should be greased after each removal. Under these circumstances you may end up breaking the lugs on the rim to get the lid off and prising off the entire lid and frame in order to fit a new one.
This pulls out the inner black sleeve.
It helps if you send us pictures of what needs to be replaced.
We have supplied different dispensers at different times, particularly since the onset of Covid, so please identify which dispenser you have. Pictures help. If we can no longer get the gel for that model we'll recommend another. Things did go crazy during Covid and some models became unavailable.

AirFlush Urinals (AF)

This is just the fan, not the housing. Since AirFlush started there have been two different housings and the fan is prepared slightly differently for these. Send us a picture of what you have. Housings are available but it’s best if we discuss. This fan is fully waterproof which protects it against the damp air from a urinal.
This will run the fan hard enough for one or two urinals. If you have more than two you will probably need the 12V supply.
Suitable for running more than two urinals.

Full Access Composter (FAC)

In salt free environments this galvanised cowl gives reasonably long life on FAC toilets. If you are close to the sea, or have a ZD2, we recommend the stainless version - see above under General.
This rake has a stainless steel head and wooden handle. If the handle eventually rots it can be replaced. Apologies for high price – it’s the carriage.
This is our bespoke emptying spade with blade at right angles to the handle. Apologies for high price – it’s the carriage.
If you would like just the head it takes a standard broom handle and carriage is much cheaper.
Experience has shown that the galvanised frame for the floor hatch closest to the urinal gets corroded. This is almost certainly due to salts in urine splashes. We will provide instructions for fitting these. Usually the galvanised cover is not very corroded and can be re-used.

Compact (C)

If you prefer to have a stainless steel cowl then there are 6" ones listed under General. You probably have a 4" vent pipe so you would need to use an enlarger as we do not make a 4” SS cowl. Ask us about that.
This retains the trug and keeps the biodegradable liner out of the urine separating area.
A spare or replacement trug which fits our Compact toilets. Apologies for high price, it's the postage.
A roll of 20 x 80 litre corn starch liners. We can’t buy these discounted. For that reason and because of carriage costs to us and then to you we suggest you buy these from the All Green website: but we are happy to supply if requested.

Zero Discharge Type 1 (ZD1)

Please call us on 01686 412653 and identify your site. The tools below have varied from site to site.

These are for the big circular hatches

Zero Discharge Type 2 (ZD2)

This includes the special security driving bit to fit and remove them.

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