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We have two systems suitable for public parks and similar sites. The Full Access Composter (FAC) is ideal for where use is relatively low and urine can be discharged to ground.  For busy sites we have the Zero Discharge (ZD) system. This can take high levels of use, has zero discharge to ground and requires very little maintenance. See the Richmond Park, Hetland Garden Centre, Falkland Islands and Wasdale amongst the examples below. The ZD now comes in two models depending on your requirements. The ZD1 is for large facilities. The ZD2 is for one or two toilets where the cubicles open directly to the outside world.

Some examples of NatSol amenity site toilets:-

New toilets protect Cardiff's water supply.

New Zero Discharge toilets for a National Trust site at Pont ar Daf. Thousands of walkers use the site every week as a starting point to climb Pen y Fan. Architects: George & Tomos.
New Zero Discharge toilets for a National Trust site at Pont ar Daf. Thousands of walkers use the site every week as a starting point to climb Pen y Fan. Architects: George & Tomos.
Pont ar Daf toilet cubicle
Pont ar Daf toilet cubicle
Site: Pont ar Daf
Location: Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons)
Building/Toilet Type:NatSol Zero Discharge 1. Architects: George & Tomos Penseiri Cyf.

Description: NatSol was called in by the National Trust to solve a problem at the very busy lay-by and car park at Pont ar Daf. The site is the principal starting point for walkers going up Pen y Fan, Bannau Brycheiniog. Welsh Water had been concerned for some time about discharges from the old toilet facility which had a septic tank and reed bed. The discharge from the reed bed was only a hundred metres or so from a stream running into the reservoir supplying Cardiff.

As a consequence the facility had been shut and toilet provision was by portaloos.

We proposed a no flush toilet system which we had already installed in the Lake District for a National Trust site. That installation was to protect Wast Water, England's cleanest lake. The design dates back to 2012 when we were asked to design a system for one of London's Royal Parks which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The Pont ar Daf site is now up and running and is operating well.

Architecture: George +Tomos Penseiri Cyf.

Opened to public: June 2023

Toilets for public park.

Easebourne Park waterless toilets
Easebourne Park waterless toilets
Site: Easebourne Park
Location: Easebourne, W Sussex
Building/Toilet Type:NatSol timber building/Zero Discharge 2
Description: These are two ZD2 toilets in a bespoke double pitched roof building supplied by NatSol. The ZD2 is a low maintenance toilet which is emptied by sliurry tanker after around 5000 uses. The two toilets together can take 10,000 uses before emptying is necessary. Odour is controlled by passive vents with Venturi cowls.
Installed date: April 2023

Zero Discharge toilets for Natural Resources Wales.

One of 8 Zero Discharge Toilets supplied to Natural Resouces Wales for a forest site
Two of the Zero Discharge toilets at Cwm Carn Forest Drive
Site: Cwm Carn Forest Drive
Location: , nr Newport, Wales
Building/Toilet Type:NatSol timber buildings/Zero Discharge
Description:Cwm Carn Forest Drive has won a Platinum award for the Natsol eco-friendly toilets in the annual Loo of the Year Awards 2022. The toilets were part of the significant Cwm Carn Forest Drive redevelopment works led by Natural Resources Wales between 2020-2021 to create an attraction that is accessible and enjoyable for all visitors.
Installed date: May 2021

Zero Discharge toilets protect England's cleanest lake.

Wasdale Lakehead Toilets
Zero Discharge toilets supplied for National Trust in Wasdale
Site: Lakehead Car Park, Wasdale
Location: Wasdale, Cumbria, England
Building/Toilet Type: Architect designed by Crosby Granger/Zero Discharge Type 1 toilets
Description: A new National Trust toilet facility in Wasdale, Cumbria. This is a very busy site with car parking provided for walkers who wish to climb the fells. The site previously had portaloos. These have been replaced with a new toilet facility utilising NatSol Zero Discharge toilets. In order to protect the water quality of Wast Water no discharge to ground was permissible. Architects: Crosby Granger
Installed date: July 2020

Zero Discharge toilets for a wildlife beach

Zero Discharge toilets in the South Atlantic
Site: Gypsy Cove
Location: Falkland Islands
Building/Toilet Type: Customer Designed/Zero Discharge
Description: The toilet block is situated at the top of a beach not far from Port Stanley. Parties of tourists go there to watch the penguin colony. Our Zero Discharge toilets have no freezing risk and require no mains services. They will be pumped out once a year by vacuum tanker.
Installed date: September 2019

Waterless toilets at garden centre in Scotland

Hetland Garden Centre pedestal
Site: Hetland Garden Centre
Location: Carrutherstown, Dumfries and Galloway
Building/Toilet Type: Customer Designed/Zero Discharge
Description: Hetland Garden Centre is expanding and needed toilets for a new building. There is no mains sewage connection and the centre had already reached its discharge limit under SEPA's rules. David Wilson, the owner, heard of the system we designed for Richmond Park and asked us to supply one for his business. There are four waterless toilet cubicles and two waterless urinals. The new facility is due to open for the summer of 2017.
Installed date: May 2017

New style waterless toilets for Richmond Park, London

Richmond park eco toilets
Site: Isabella Plantation
Location: Richmond Park, London
Building/Toilet Type: Customer Designed/Zero Discharge
Description: NatSol was chosen to design a waterless toilet system for a new high use accessible facility. The toilets do not separate urine and the in-ground tanks are emptied 3 or 4 times a year by tanker. The toilets are ventilated via the specially designed stainless steel pedestals removing odour at source. The air is drawn through a biological odour filter developed by NatSol. The filter was included to ensure odour-free operation in an area sheltered by trees. The toilets won a Platinum Award in the 2016 Loo of the Year Awards. Building design by Rees Bolter Architects.
Installed date: September 2014
“We’ve been really pleased with the results. My initial concerns were over smells and insect infestation - this has not happened. The cleaners are also okay with the toilets and they can get around them as quickly, if not quicker, than an ordinary toilet. So far I wouldn’t change anything on the NatSol system. It’s all looking very positive and a fairly simple system with very little that I can see going wrong in the future.” JS - The Royal Parks

Waterless and composting public park toilets

Taffs Wells toilet
Site: Taffs Well Public Park
Location: Taffs Well, Rhondda, S Wales
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: A waterless composting toilet with low maintenance requirement. This example has internal wipe down surfaces. It is situated near a bowling green and a thermal spring.
Installed date: September 2014

Accessible toilets for the central park in Bradford

Bowling Park waterless eco toilets
Site: Bowling Park
Location: Bradford
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: These two toilets have been placed next to a cafe in this large civic park.

The cubicles were fully lined with Plastisol coated steel over the usual OSB internal linings. The cubicles are fitted with baby changing tables.

Installed date: May 2011

Waterless toilets for a busy country park in Nottingham

Rushcliffe Country Park public compost toilets, Nottingham
Site: Rushcliffe Country Park
Location: Nottingham
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: Four toilets in a compound supplied for this public park and situated close to a children's playground.
Installed date: April 2009
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