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July 2019


Servicing a Full Access composting toiletIn February 2019 we sent out a newsletter to owners of Full Access toilets asking if they might be interested in a servicing arrangement. We gave a rough indication of what that could cost. It was clear to us from the outset that if few people expressed an interest then it would cost more per service because of travelling distance. Visits would also entail a higher carbon footprint which is something we always try to minimise. If several owners in a given area were interested then we could share those costs and impacts between them.

We received 15 responses and only 10 of those indicated an interest in paying for servicing.

Consequently, we are not currently offering servicing but if a particular issue has arisen with your toilet you can always call us. It might be possible to drop by and take a look when we are in the area for other reasons. If we feel that the malfunction is in some way our fault and cannot be resolved from a distance then we will visit.

Another option is that in some parts of the country we may know of an installer who is willing to carry out servicing. You could make your own arrangement with them.

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