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In 2005 Andy Warren and Nick Grant combined their knowledge and expertise to set up NatSol. They already had over 40 years combined experience in composting and waterless toilet design. In the 16 years since then NatSol has gone from strength to strength and has developed a range of products for different types of site.

NatSol is widely regarded as manufacturing the best composting and waterless toilets on the UK market.

Why we are the UK market leaders:

  • Proven performance with over 750 installations, view map.
  • High quality materials and components.
  • Spacious buildings with excellent accessibility for wheelchair users.
  • Physically robust design with no pumps or raking mechanisms to fail.
  • Biologically robust twin-vault urine-separating design for composting toilets.
  • Compact toilets for low use, private sites.
  • Waterless Zero Discharge toilets for busy public sites.
  • We supply AirFlush© Urinals - the best waterless urinal system you can buy.
  • All designed for the UK climate with no reliance on urine evaporation.
  • Excellent service and after sales support.
  • Detailed installation and operating guides.

Loo of the Year Award 2017

Director Andrew Warren with the Loo of the Year Award Certificate in 2017, awarded in respect of toilets in Richmond Park, London.

NatSol has won a Platinum Award again in 2022 in respect of toilets at Cwm Carn Forest Drive - the first year since 2016 in which the company has entered.


Advantages of NatSol toilets

The Full Access Composter

This fully accessible toilet has two underground vaults, each one being used for a period of a year. This is the preferred approach for self build enthusiasts but uncommon in commercial designs. It is a very robust system physically and biologically and avoids the need to remove compost that is mixed with fresh deposits. It is also urine separating.

Urine separation — why and how?

Urine is the biggest challenge for compost toilets due to the ammonia it produces and the sheer volume of liquid that must be evaporated or drained. We have not found evaporation to be reliable in the UK climate except for very low-use situations. Draining urine from the base of the vault typically requires the chamber to be out of the ground, making level access difficult, unless a pump is used. By diverting urine to a shallow soak-away we prevent it from entering the compost pile, thereby enabling aerobic decomposition of solid wastes.

Our unique stainless steel urine diverting pedestal is common to all of our composting toilets and is the result of many years of development. Typically other urine separators use a small bowl at the front of the pedestal. Unfortunately these are prone to blocking by loo paper and worse. The NatSol pedestal utilises the Coandǎ effect, the tendency of fluids to adhere to a smooth surface. You can read about how we developed the NatSol urine separator here.

No odour

Odour in use is actually less than for a conventional toilet. Whilst enthusiasts might tolerate a fusty odour we believe that correctly designed and operated compost toilets should not smell at all, indeed less than conventional toilets in use. For most installations we achieve this without the use of a fan which means higher reliability and no electrician required for installation. The urinal is also odourless and vented and avoids the use of a troublesome trap.

High capacity

The combination of urine separation and generous twin chambers means that the Full Access Composter can handle peak uses such as open days, parties or church weddings. The capacity for continuous use is around 6 full time resident users or an average of about 25 daily visits. We have single toilets serving 200 plot allotments but please contact us to confirm capacity for your application.


The Compact, and the Zero Discharge toilet

We also have a design for low use private situations, the Compact, and another, the Zero Discharge (ZD), for high use public sites and for sites where no discharge of urine to ground is permitted. The ZD has been installed on sites such as Richmond Park and remote National Trust sites. The ZD is available in two models: one for architect designed facilities with multiple cubicles, and one for stand alone situations. Find more details on the Products page.

Clients include:

The Environment Agency; The Royal Parks; The National Trust; Natural Resources Wales; Thames Water; Groundwork; The Forestry Commission; Natural England, and many local authorities.

Our products are the preferred choice of The Centre for Alternative Technology where they have been testing compost toilets to destruction since 1973.

Click here to view a page of testimonials.

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