Compact Compost Toilet

A NatSol Compact toilet in a beach hut.

A toilet for gardens, smaller spaces, and lower use applications

The Compact was developed as a smaller and more economical solution for applications where the Full Access toilet is more than required. The perfect toilet for a summer house, garden studio or other fairly low use situation with familiar users.

The toilet is urine separating and can have either a fan driven or passive vent depending on circumstances. Wood shavings, or similar material, are added to the toilet after "number twos" and these solids are eventually emptied into an outdoor dedicated composting chamber. If you have ever had to empty a wet chemical toilet you will find this much nicer to deal with and you will not need a sewage disposal point.

Depending on the situation the Compact may not be easy to set up for disabled access in comparison to the Full Access Composter. Ask us about that.

Compact pedestal and base boxSupplied:

  • Below floor base box with removable trug and biodegradable liners
  • Stainless steel pedestal, seat and lid
  • Vent cowl (and fan unit and power supply if required)
  • Back inlet gully for urine soakaway
  • Some 110mm connections

Optional extras:

  • Gel dispensers
  • Ceramic waterless urinal
  • Grab rails
  • Soak bin

The NatSol stainless steel pedestalNot usually supplied:

  • Soil pipe to connect toilet to soakaway
  • Vent pipe
  • Building - although some customers have bought a full access building from us for this toilet and have created their own foundations and floor.



Garden Room with Toilet

If you already have, or are considering building a garden room, have you thought about including a toilet? You may be concerned about the additional expense of mains utilities, but our waterless toilet without plumbing, is an ideal solution for your garden room, studio, or summer house.

We have worked with architects to design solutions to meet the requirements of many locations, from gardens to large public buildings and we'd be happy to discuss, with your architect, how to include a NatSol Compact toilet in your garden room.

You could simply be looking for an outdoor toilet, to be placed in your garden and we have examples of customers doubling up their toilet building to be used as a shed! If you haven't already, take a look at our video that includes some examples of garden toilets.

NatSol Compact toilet in shepherd's hut.
NatSol Compact toilet in shepherd's hut.
Garden toilet
The NatSol Compact toilet in the garden of founder director Nick Grant

For a NatSol Compact you will need a little building with the floor raised between 250 and 500mm above ground level depending on soil conditions. You will also need to create a urine soakaway alongside. Go to:

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