NatSol can often supply buildings to the customers design, see also Customer Designed examples.

Examples of bespoke buildings:

Lean-to toilet building for church in Thirsk

Lean to toilet building for All Saints Church, Thirsk
Site:All Saints Church, Thirsk
Location:Pickhill, Thirsk, N Yorkshire
Building/Toilet Type:Natsol Bespoke/Full Access
Description:For this site we supplied a lean-to building for our popular Full Access toilet. This enabled our client to set the toilet against an existing out-building in the church grounds. The roof structure was supplied by NatSol and the roofing material was supplied by the customer to blend in with existing materials on the site. You can download information on this option below.
Installed date: September 2016

A turf roofed compost toilet for a public garden

Full access comost toilet at Old Durham Gardens
Site:Old Durham Gardens
Location:Brandon Village, Durham
Building/Toilet Type:Natsol Bespoke/Full Access
Description:This waterless, passively vented toilet is situated just outside a walled garden. We supplied a timber building with roof suitable for turf which was added on site.
Installed date: February 2016

Bespoke toilet facility for St Gregory's Church, Thetford

Opening of waterless toilet at St Gregory's, Thetford
Site:St Gregory's Church
Location:Thetford, Norfolk
Building/Toilet Type:Natsol Bespoke/Full Access
Description:A wheelchair accessible toilet not requiring any mains services. The bespoke building supplied by NatSol has a double pitched roof. NatSol supplies the roof structure and a membrane to provide immediate weather protection. The customer and their contractor supply the roof tiles or other roof finish and the rainwater goods to fit in with existing buildings on the site.
Installed date: April 2013

A waterless toilet for an engineering site

Natsol Toilet being installed on a national grid site
Site:National Grid Wireless
Location:Melton Mowbray
Building/Toilet Type:Natsol Bespoke/Full Access
Description:Prior to making this installation engineers had to go off-site to find toilet facilities. We fit alcohol based gel hand cleansing dispensers as standard and so no water supply is required to our toilet facilties. To save time on site the custom designed building was pre-assembled and craned into position.
Installed date: June 2006