Customer designed and bespoke buildings

Customers can design and build their own buildings to fit with our Full Access toilet components. We provide guidance.

Building designed for NatSol Full Access toilet by Chris Morgan, Locate Architects.

We offer a full kit of components for customers wishing to construct their own toilet building. The twin-vault chamber and lid serves as the foundations and floor of the building.

There are sections below where you can link to downloads including chamber drawings and Sketchup models to help you design your own building.

At the bottom of the page there is a link to bespoke buildings supplied by NatSol.

Our compost toilet kit includes:

  • Twin vault chamber
  • Stainless steel pedestal and lid
  • Vent pipe and cowl
  • Ceramic waterless urinal
  • Grab rails for wheelchair users
  • Pipes and soakaway components.
  • All specialist components including soak bin, antiseptic hand gel dispensers etc

Everything except the walls, door and roof.

After many years of designing and building one-off DIY waterless toilets we are aware of the many details that need to be got 'just right' for a compost toilet to operate without problems. Our toilet components kit means that all the critical details of the actual compost toilet are sorted. You just need to provide the building to suit your needs.

See further examples of Customer designed and constructed buildings.


Drawings and Sketchup model to download

For dimensions and relevant drawings please see Other building options in the technical downloads section. If you are familiar with the free Trimble Sketchup application then you can download the base model as a starting point for your design.

Self build compost toilet Sketchup model

Bespoke buildings by NatSol

We now have two other building types available which can be tailored to meet your needs. Both are in timber. One has a double pitched roof and the other is a lean to building. We may also be able to assist in designing and supplying something else that suits your needs. For examples go to Bespoke.

DIY privy with pitched roof

DIY compost toilet for church or similar


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