In most months we have news worthy of posting but we don’t always get around to putting it up – as you can readily see by viewing the dates below!

If you know something about a NatSol toilet which seems worthy of a post on this page please let us know.


Improving Accessibility

Girl in wheelchairWe recently undertook an access assessment for our toilets by MaceMark Access Consultants. The report was very complimentary and we are tweaking some details to further improve accessibility.

If you have particular access requirements please call us to discuss.

New Troubleshooting Guide

Man looking in compost toilet holeOur toilets are highly reliable and problems are rare. If they arise they are usually due to a management issue. So if you have a problem please check out our new Troubleshooting Guide.

300 installations!

Map showing location of NatSol compost toilet installations in the UK

In the opinion of Trewsweir Allotments, Exeter our Full Access toilet is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of composting toilets. We believe it’s the best compost toilet in the UK and are pleased to receive such positive feedback. We have now sold nearly 300.

To see the distribution of some of these installations go to MAP.

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