Toilet Prices

Please contact us to discuss your precise requirements and to obtain a firm quote. From 1st July 2021 prices for standard products are as shown below. They do not include VAT, carriage or installation. We will usually honour a quote for 3 months regardless of increases in the cost of materials or labour, or bought in parts. Carriage is charged at cost.

We apologise for the recent increase but timber and steel have both nearly doubled in price during the last 3 months and we have added a modest 5% to help us cope with that. We are absorbing a significant amount of the rise on our timber buildings. Over the last 15 years our prices have risen less than inflation despite significant developments in the quality of our products. If steel and timber drop back to a more 'normal' level we will adjust our prices accordingly.

We provide free technical support from initial sales inquiry to completion of installation and for the first two years of operation. If you maintain a record of the management of your toilet in a logbook then we will provide free online or telephone support indefinitely.

If you are a building manufacturer interested in incorporating our composting toilets in your buildings, then please contact us for more details and OEM pricing.


with a building and grab rail kit £7300

NatSol Compost Toilet with Metal Building

The building shown right is our standard steel model for allotments and similar applications where vandalism may be an issue. The building has a galvanised frame, Plastisol and zinc coated steel cladding (with a 30 year manufacturer's guarantee) and wipe down internal linings. It is available with an OSB timber lining at £6900 for a limited period.

NatSol Composting Toilet with Timber BuildingThis one is the timber model. It is clad in Western Red Cedar or other naturally durable timber, sourced in Wales or the borders.

It can be supplied with a wipe down lining to 1.2m above floor for an additional £350.

We can also offer bespoke buildings to suit your requirements. Please see the product pages or call us for more details.


as above but WITHOUT a building £4150

Accessible waterless toilet interior in Derbyshire

We provide everything you need except the building.

We will provide some technical advice relevant to constructing your own building and you will receive the same high quality after sales support.

Please see the product pages for full details.



from £890

Compact toilet pedestal and base box

The Compact uses the same high quality urine separating pedestal but solids are collected in a removable container for composting elsewhere. Please see the product pages for full details.






TYPE 1. For larger buildings. Prices on application but typically between £4,500 and £4,800 per unit.

Zero Discharge toilets supplied for National Trust in Wasdale

This high use toilet system was designed for The Royal Parks and first installed at the Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park. It has uses for a wide range of site types.

Price will depend on ventilation and other details.


TYPE 2. For single toilets.

£3600 per unit without a building.

One of 8 Zero Discharge Toilets supplied to Natural Resouces Wales for a forest siteThis toilet is similar in size and appearance to the Full Access Composter. The tank can be installed in half a day and a building can then be erected on top. There is no urine soakaway.

Our full access buildings also fit this model.



It may be possible to get a zero rating for VAT if more than 20% of users are disabled (not necessarily wheelchair users), OR if you are a registered charity, OR if you are registered with the Inland Revenue for charitable purposes and have a gift aid number. Under some circumstances you may be able to reclaim VAT for up to 3 years after purchase.


Please call us on 01686 412653 or use the email form on the contact page for more information.


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