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Examples of our standard metal building:

Our best selling waterless toilet

Bearwood Road Allotments
Site: Bearwood Road Allotments
Location: Smethwick
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: The picture shows the toilet installed but awaiting the construction of an approach path.
Installed date: March 2018

Bowring Park Allotments, Liverpool

Bowring Park Allotment toilet
Site: Bowring Park
Location: Huyton, Liverpool
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: An accessible toilet on a 50 plot allotment site with high ground water. The ramp and railings were installed by the client's contractor.
Installed date: April 2017

Accessible toilet at Leabrook Allotments, Derbyshire

Leabrook allotment toilet
Site: Leabrook Allotments, Alfreton
Location: Alfreton, Derbyshire
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: An accessible waterless toilet with NatSol metal building on a site with 80 to 100 plots.
Installed date: October 2013

Accessible toilets for the central park in Bradford

Bowling Park waterless eco toilets
Site: Bowling Park
Location: Bradford
Building/Toilet Type: Standard Metal/Full Access
Description: These two toilets have been placed next to a cafe in this large civic park. 

The cubicles were fully lined with Plastisol coated steel over the usual OSB internal linings. The cubicles are fitted with baby changing tables.

Installed date: May 2011
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