The Mk 3 Full Access Toilet is now available

Our latest composting toilet is now out and about.

Compost toilet Dagenham, London

The first of our new design full access compost toilets has just been installed on an allotment site in Dagenham, East London for the organisation ‘Growing Communities’. As previously reported, the changes are refinements and the proven functionality remains unchanged.

With a stainless steel pedestal and GRC hatches that blend in with the floor surface this is a very smart product. The pedestal is less bulky and this creates even more wheelchair turning space.

Despite being made of stainless steel, the new urine separating pedestal is actually lighter than the previous GRP model. The urine separation plate is now part of the pedestal which makes it easier to remove and service.

allotment composting toilet interiorThe photo above shows the interior just after installation. The OSB lining can be left natural or painted as it is now.

We are pleased to have a number of installations in the London area. You can see a map showing where our waterless toilets are installed here.

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