Standard Fixtures and fittings

  • Views inside the cubicle showing the toilet pedestal, vent pipe, urinal, hand cleansers and grab rail fittings. We strongly recommend the hand gel disinfectant system which avoids the need for a water supply and basins which carry a risk of freezing and flood damage.
  • The grab rails consist of a hinged bar for the rear wall and handrails.
  • The two nearest floor hatches facilitate emptying of the finished compost and the rear hatch provides the alternative pedestal position. The standard ventilation system is passive.
  • The wall mounted box contains wood shavings for putting down the toilet. See FAQs. Soak can be added by users or by a manager at the end of the day.
  • The toilet pedestal is designed to minimise cleaning requirements. It separates urine from seated users by means of a stainless steel urine separator. We supply a conventional ceramic urinal for male use.
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