Advantages of COMPUS Twin

Advantages of the COMPUS TWIN over other types of compost toilet

  • The COMPUS TWIN vaults are designed for installation underground on level sites without the need for a basement or extensive ramp.
  • Unlike other designs of compost toilet this system does not rely on evaporation of urine which we believe to be unreliable in the UK climate. Urine separation means that the chamber does not require a drain. This makes the system suitable for sites with heavy clay soil or high groundwater.
  • The vaults are large enough to provide a level of biological and physical robustness that is not possible with smaller designs.
  • The design is mechanically simple with no moving parts except for a simple ventilation cowl.
  • The compost chamber forms the foundations and floor of the building. Foundations for the chamber are minimal.
  • The twin vault design allows for the removal of mature compost that is at least 1 year old.
  • The pedestal is designed to avoid fouling and to minimise the need for cleaning.
  • The system requires no electricity, water or sewage connection.
  • A COMPUS TWIN has a very low risk of smells in comparison with some other types of composting toilet. In fact we are confident that the risk of smells is less than with a WC due to:- (a) a ventilation system which operates from below the seat (b) urine separation (c) other design features.


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