Bothy Stores

Bothy StoresBothy Stores are helping to raise awareness of NatSol toilets for use in bothies. In return we are posting information here about their project and website. Go to: Bothy Stores.

The Artist Bothy is an evolution of the Bothy Project network of off-grid artist residency spaces. Designed by the project’s founders, artist Bobby Niven and architect Iain MacLeod, it was developed in response to demand for a multipurpose self-contained cabin that can be located anywhere.

Bothy Stores is committed to using sustainable, innovative materials and streamlined building techniques to create simple, modern products. Modelled on the Bothy Project’s popular Inshriach Bothy, the Artist Bothy is a pioneering piece of low-impact architecture designed to enhance the experience of spending time in nature all year round.

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