How is the finished compost emptied and what can be done with it?

For our “in-ground” composting toilets we supply a custom made shovel for emptying the compost through one of the front floor hatches. A small layer of compost is left in the bottom to supply decomposing organisms for the next cycle. If the management instructions have been followed and if the resting vault has been left for a minimum one year period the compost should be odourless, friable and pleasant enough to remove. The compost should be used or disposed of in accordance with Environment Agency and/or Local Authority guidelines or, in the absence of any official advice, further composting can be carried out in a dedicated composting facility on site before eventual use or disposal. You should not assume that it is completely free of disease causing organisms. Some human parasite eggs can survive for many years in compost and although these are generally only found in tropical or sub-tropical populations we advise against using finished compost on food crops. We will provide further advice if you purchase one of our toilets.

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