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The best compost toilet just got better

Small changes to our compost toilets give a fresh look

Stainless steel urine diverting compost toilet pedestalDesigning the new stainless steel pedestal gave us the chance to revisit the floor design of our twin vault toilets as a new mould was required to accommodate the slimmer pedestal. The MK2 used standard galvanised steel inspection covers for the resting vault pedestal position and for compost removal hatches. These have worked very well but the fiddly locking screws are easily lost and, well, they look like inspection chamber covers!

GRC compost removal hatches

Compost toilet hatchThe new hatches are moulded from the same glass reinforced cement (GRC) as the compost chamber and building floor. They give a neater appearance and an easy to sweep and mop surface. Removal is with a special lifting key and being made of GRC they will not corrode. However if you have our previous model, there is no need to worry about spares as they are a standard item that we will continue to stock (although we have yet to see any significant problems with corrosion).

As with the floor they can be left in their natural state or sealed with stone-oil or floor-paint to suit the required decor and usage.

It has been great working with BCM GRC who manufacture our chambers. They have taken great care in getting all the details just right and are, we think, rightly proud of the result!

Our new compost toilet website

Waterless allotment compost toilet by NatSolOur new website was launched on the 5th November. We hope you will agree that it retains all the clarity of the old, much complimented site whilst making certain things easier to find and adding some new features such as testimonials and the ability to view toilet installations according to product type.

Please let us know what you think.

Stainless steel pedestal

contemporary design compost toilet pedestalWe are very excited about our new urine diverting, stainless steel compost toilet pedestal. this will be standard from January 2013. The original GRP model has proved robust and functional, attributes that are retained in the new design. We hope you will agree that the new pedestal is rather good looking.

Improving Accessibility

Girl in wheelchairWe recently undertook an access assessment for our toilets by MaceMark Access Consultants. The report was very complimentary and we are tweaking some details to further improve accessibility.

If you have particular access requirements please call us to discuss.

New Troubleshooting Guide

Man looking in compost toilet holeOur toilets are highly reliable and problems are rare. If they arise they are usually due to a management issue. So if you have a problem please check out our new Troubleshooting Guide.

300 installations!

Map showing location of NatSol compost toilet installations in the UK

In the opinion of Trewsweir Allotments, Exeter our Full Access toilet is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of composting toilets. We believe it’s the best compost toilet in the UK and are pleased to receive such positive feedback. We have now sold nearly 300.

To see the distribution of some of these installations go to MAP.

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