Above Ground Twin Vault

This toilet is principally for use on steeply sloping sites where access for users could be from the uphill side and compost can be emptied through vertical hatches on the downhill side. It may be useful in conjunction with an existing building where floor levels are considerably raised above ground level.

The specification below is generic and mainly concerns the vaults which are site constructed. You will need to discuss sizing and other issues with us.

Please do not proceed with the construction of an Above Ground toilet on the assumption that we will automatically supply components later. We only supply components if we are happy with the overall design and construction quality. Contact us early in your design process.


Sketchup model to download:

If you are a familiar with the free Sketchup application then this file of the NatSol Above Ground will be useful as a starting point for your building design:-

Photo strip showing different natsol compost toilet installations